David Lush Butchers

We can provide perfect, tailored outside catering for any occasion in and around Cardiff.

We are the perfect choice for christenings, birthdays, corporate functions, big screen sporting events or just a special party with friends to celebrate the fact it isn't raining.

Why not make the Hog-Spit the centre of attention this summer which is practical for any occasion...

Chef Marcus will ensure that the party goes with a swing, and everyone is fed sumptuously while as host, you do what you should be doing - mingling and enjoying yourself!

That's not all we have to offer, we also include side dishes that can be arranged to suit your needs - it's not just meat that we do!

Don't hesitate to contact us or by popping in to see what we can provide for you this summer.

Visit our catering company website: Hog Roast Cardiff